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Ms. Ida Krieger is co-owner and teacher at Caring Corner Preschool, LLC.  Ms. Ida is originally from Perryville, MO, has an A.A.S. degree in Child Development, loves helping children learn, and has patience with children's educational development.


Mission Statement

We are committed to the education and the development of young children. We have constructed a warm, safe, nurturing environment where learning and fun come together in hands-on experimenting and participating in sand, water, music, blocks, games, puzzles, art, books, physical activities and free play. We will continually adapt a curriculum to meet each child's individual abilities, needs, and interests to help each child reach their potential as unique individuals. We will allow each child to work at their own pace to meet their physical, social/emotional, language and cognitive needs. Diversity is of the utmost importance to us. We will be knowledgeable and understanding of each families' values, culture and beliefs. The inclusion of each child will be foremost on our minds. We will always see the child first-not their special needs in order to help each reach their full potential. We will be positive role models working in a persuasive fashion to encourage learning, empathy, compassion, and the making of good choices. We take pride in being organized, keeping our finances in order, securing qualified and educated teachers and communicating with families and community in an attempt to keep schooling and society intertwined. Success and joy in learning is accomplished as each child becomes enthusiastic , self-confident, independent thinkers through our curriculum and activities. We want them to become beneficiaries, not victims, of schooling. We want to treat every child as we wanted to be treated at their age.



Daily Schedule: (Subject to changes)
6:30 am OPEN
8:00 am Breakfast
8:30 am Circle Time, Story, Songs, Pledge of Allegiance
9:30 am Outside play/Inside Gross Motor activities
10:30 am Learning Centers
12:00 pm Lunch
12:45 pm Rest time
2:15 PM Quiet time
2:45 pm Snack
3:00 pm Outside play/Inside Gross Motor activities
3:45 pm Circle time/Stories and reflections
4:15 pm Learning Centers & Free play
5:30 pm Closing